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Breaking down walls to
unite school with the world

Everyday we ask ourselves, “if it’s not important in the world, why teach it?”

GCE Lab School’s inquiry and project-based model is grounded in integrated STEAM and Humanities curricula that inspires students to situate their learning in a real-world context. At GCE, achievement is not just defined by standardized test scores; it includes the values of accountability, purpose, autonomy and gratitude.

The school’s model is based on a simple framework to guide teaching and learning.


Inspire students to fall in love with learning and discover their purpose.


Prepare them to think for themselves and care about others.


Connect students with the real-world through their academic subjects.

Students learn core academics through engaging thematic STEAM and Humanities courses. Students grasp the relevance and practical value of what they are learning through hands-on activities, in a student-centered, blended learning environment, with an emphasis on peer-to-peer collaboration and educators as facilitators of learning.

We prepare students for college, career, and life through curricula and a school culture that redefines achievement around 5 principal values of global citizenship—accountability, purpose, autonomy and gratitude. Graduates demonstrate  mastery through their commitment to harnessing the knowledge and skills necessary to make a positive impact.

Through weekly guest workshops, field experiences, and hands-on exploration of real-world case studies, students augment the skills and knowledge they build in the classroom with insights from established industry leaders. Partners challenge students to question their assumptions about the world around them, discuss practicalities and possibilities in the workplace, and expose students to a wide range of jobs and career prospects.

Discover how we are reinventing education

GCE Lab School cultivates global citizens in a collaborative and caring learning environment. Our model delivers hands-on educational experiences designed to connect academic coursework with real-world context. Fifty percent of our students receive scholarships, ensuring a diverse school that unites students and communities across Chicago.