Our institute is dedicated to building  replicable, scalable, and sustainable real-world learning programs for underserved urban youth. We dream of a generation of learners who are confident to take action, participate in our global communities, and do so with an informed, empathetic voice.

We believe that the future of learning is personalized, universally accessible, and globally relevant.

Universally Accessible


Learning feels good, when it fits. Ensuring every student is excited to learn, in part, stems from curriculum that honors the diversity of all learners.

UrbanX promotes real-world, inquiry and project-based courses, designed by teachers, and tested and refined at GCE Lab School. Courses transform student learning through an experiential learning model that provides opportunities to explore and test conceptual foundations in and beyond the classroom. We provide educators with standards aligned, globally relevant content, that can be personalized for individual learners.  Students gain a structure from which to build academic foundations, executive functioning and non-cognitive skills.

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Student Immersion

We want youth to be lifelong learners who pursue extraordinary paths and who are prepared for each step along the way as contributors in our society. By using critical “out of school time” during school breaks, weekends, and summer, we engage engage students in meaningful application of STEAM and Humanities concepts.

The programs provide a teacher-led, inquiry-based learning environment which ensures that all students have the knowledge and skills to meet the demands of the 21st century.

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Teachers and School Leaders

We have big dreams for our students and know that you have them too. Through our academies, educators and school leaders learn how to redesign school culture built on research-based practices that lead to deeper learning, and create the kind of change that prepares students for life in the real world.

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We must create a more expansive definition of student success. Project-based learning doesn’t exist in the vacuum of bubble answer sheets. PBL lives in the world of applied learning, real-world problems and public presentations of understanding.

Nicole Assisi, CEO and Co-Founder, Thrive Public Schools